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NY Offers $60 Million to Integrate HIT with PCMH

The New York Department of Health (NY DOH) has made $60 million available for grants to support adoption of health IT and integration with patient-centered medical home (PCMH) practices. The Health Efficiency and Affordability Law for NY (HEAL NY) capital grant program, established in 2004, is accepting applications for HEAL NY Phase 10 HIT Grant Program. The deadline for applications is June 15.

"HEAL 10 seeks applications for projects to improve care coordination and management through a PCMH supported by interoperable health information infrastructure. This infrastructure includes the technological building blocks, clinical capacity and policy solutions necessary to transition healthcare from today’s largely paper-based system to an electronic, interconnected healthcare system," according to the NY DOH. Lead applicants should be:

  • A designated stakeholder participant in a PCMH that has an active role in the care of the target patient population and is an active participant in a state recognized regional health information organization (RHIO); or
  • A Community Health Information Technology Adoption Collaboration (CHITA) — a HIT adoption and services organization to promote the adoption and effective use of interoperable EHRs and other HIT tools to support quality improvement on behalf of one or more PCMHs.

Applications will be scored and the higher ranking projects will be awarded the grants. To increase points awarded, applications should include at least 50 percent of providers and caregivers involved in the PCMH, but more names will result in a higher ranking. Health plan participation will also benefit the application’s ranking, said NY DOH.

"A critical component is the ability to share clinical information across all providers involved in a patient’s care to improve the coordination of care. Coordination of care among providers as a patient moves between care settings has been shown to be critically important in decreasing medical errors and their associated costs by reducing the duplication of services and providing information at the point of care," said the NY DOH.

A maximum of $7 million may be requested and matching funds are required. A minimum of one grant will be awarded to each region and a maximum of two will be awarded if funds allow. The NY DOH said if there is still money available after the initial 12 grants other high ranking applications may receive funding.

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Health Grants Funding Alert, April 2009

Wiring the Medical Home: Healthcare IT to Power a Patient-Centered Model

During Wiring the Medical Home: Healthcare IT to Power a Patient-Centered Model, a physicians’ services organization and a health system will present case studies on the use of health IT in the medical home and its impact on care access, quality and cost.

Wiring the Medical Home: Healthcare IT to Power a Patient-Centered Model is available from the Healthcare Intelligence Network for $299 by visiting our Online Bookstore or by calling toll-free (888) 446-3530.

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