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June 15, 2009
Vol. II, No. 4

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Medical Home Q&A:
Ideas to Improve
Patient Outreach

Medical Home Monitor

Q: How can a medical home improve its patient education and engagement efforts?

A: The more formalized the [staff] training — whether outside resources or modules developed by triage nurses within the practice — the better the results in terms of the medical assistants (MAs) taking the initiative and following up to make sure patients complied with evidence-based guidelines for the care protocols. Over time, as MAs became better educated and more sophisticated providers of patient education, they found that the relationship with the patient grew for a couple of reasons. They had more contact with the patient, but also had more to offer the patient in terms of information.(Barbara Wall, J.D., Hagen Wall Consulting)

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HIE Partnership Delivers Patient Data, Cost Savings to
California EDs

Beginning this summer, a health information exchange (HIE) partnership in California will deliver secure patient information — including medication history, laboratory results and clinical data from claims — to hospital emergency departments (EDs) for UnitedHealthcare/PacifiCare of California commercial HMO health plan customers.

Savings for health plans and other payors are expected to result from better information being available where and when a physician needs it to make healthcare decisions. For example, it may be possible to avoid a hospital admission or certain tests, as well as prescribe medications more efficiently, because the ED physician has more complete information about a patient’s history.

UnitedHealthcare is collaborating with the California Regional Health Information Organization (CalRHIO) to support the HIE initiative. UnitedHealthcare is the first national market participant to support and pay for HIE services statewide.

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HealthSounds Podcast: Physician-Friendly Medical Home Contract Negotiations

As veterans of CMS' Physician Group Practice Medicare three-year demonstration pilot, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) physicians are comfortable dispensing chronic care in the medical home environment, explains Dr. Barbara Walters, DHMC's senior medical director. Its medical home partnership with CIGNA is an enhanced version of CMS' reimbursement model that Dr. Walters hopes will generate some "working capital" to reinvest in key medical home tools. She describes DHMC's physician-friendly model of negotiating with commercial payors and its current method of communicating the PCMH to patients.

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Mobile Health Clinic Van Dispenses 36:1 ROI

A typical mobile health clinic has the potential to deliver a 36:1 ROI by preventing ED visits and dispensing key prevention and wellness services, according to a study published in BMC Medicine.

Using service data provided by The Family Van, a Harvard Medical School program that has provided health education, screening and prevention services and referrals to Boston's most vulnerable and underserved residents since 1992, and published research, researchers calculated an ROI value that indicates that for every dollar invested in funding for The Family Van mobile healthcare program, $36 were returned in combined value of life years saved and ED costs avoided.

"The implications of this ROI should be used to promote the effectiveness of the program model among healthcare policy-makers, as well as to seek funding to create a continuous self-assessment tool for use by mobile healthcare providers to promote healthcare practices that provide the greatest healthcare benefit for every healthcare dollar invested," the researchers concluded.

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HIN Survey of the Month: Healthcare Trends in 2009 -
A Mid-Year Adjustment

Suffering from project overload due to frozen resources? Adjusting decision-making, pricing, marketing and more to compensate for reduced revenues in a depressed economic climate? You are not alone. To learn how your healthcare colleagues are responding to the current economic and legislative environments, take HIN's Survey of the Month on Healthcare Trends in 2009: Mid-Year Adjustment by June 30. Nearly 50 healthcare organizations have responded so far. You’ll get a free executive summary of the compiled results. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

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The Medical Home: Disruptive Innovation for a New
Primary Care Model

Deloitte Center for Health Solutions examines medical home models, their savings potential and the implications for policymakers and key industry stakeholders. The paper also offers compelling arguments in favor of medical home adoption.

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Medical Home Open House Summer Webinar Series — Save 10% On Any Session

Join the Healthcare Intelligence Network this summer for a Medical Home "Open House" series of webinars that will tour the components of the medical home. Pick one session or attend the entire series. Can't make the live dates below? DVD, CD and on-demand versions will be available shortly after each session. Scheduled topics include:
  • 7/1/09: Under One Roof: Integrating Primary Care & Behavioral Health in the Medical Home
  • 7/8/09: Medical Home Contracting: Building a Solid Framework
  • 8/5/09: Patient Engagement and Education in the Medical Home: Perspectives from Several Pilots
New sessions will be added over the summer.

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