Population Health Monitor, September 18, 2013
Population Health Monitor
September 18, 2013 Volume I, No. 23

  1. Carolinas HealthCare System Integrating Clinical and Claims Data to Improve Population Health

  2. Over 100,000 Americans Quit Smoking Due to CDC's "Tips From Former Smokers" National Ad Campaign

  3. PFP Incentives in Small Practices with EHRs Improved Cardiovascular Care Processes

  4. Ideas to Engage Providers and Patients in CMS 5-Star Quality Rating Improvement

  5. HINfographic: Defining the Dually Eligible — 16 Things to Know for Population Health Management

  6. Digital Hospital Displays of Health Information Enhanced Patient Engagement

  7. 4 Ways Aetna Identifies Cases for Compassionate Care Outreach

  8. Americans are Living Longer, Healthier Lives Compared to 2 Decades Ago

  9. New Chart: What's the Greatest Challenge of a PHM Approach?

  10. Health and Wellness Incentives: Positioning for Outcome-Based Rewards

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