Population Health Monitor, August 6, 2014

Population Health Monitor
August 6, 2014   Volume II, No. 16

Sponsored by: Creating a Virtual Multi-Specialty Physician Network: A Payor-Provider Collaborative

  1. Care Transitions Dashboard Mines Clinical Analytics for Patient-Follow-Up
  2. Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins Medicine Strengthen Commitment to Advance Population Health
  3. Hybrid Embedded RN Care Managers Target High-Cost, High-Utilization 'VIPs'
  4. 4 New Hampshire Hospitals Partner in Population Health Initiative
  5. New Chart: Top Tools to Identify Patients for Home Visits
  6. Infographic: Wearable Healthcare Technology
  7. Meditology's Top 5 Technology Strategies for Population Health and Engagement
  8. NYCHHC Telehealth Success Strategy: One Hand on Heart, the Other on Phone
  9. Participation Open for 2014 Survey on Reducing Avoidable ER Visits
  10. Home Visits for the High-Risk: Targets, Timelines and Training

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Population health results

Elizabeth Miller, vice president of care management at White Memorial Medical Center, part of Adventist Health:

"A feature that should always be considered with population management is medication reconciliation [...] In using NPs to go into the home and do medication reconciliation, many times we've found that the patient was going to two cardiologists and taking medications from both, not realizing that that was against their health." Watch the webinar today or order a training DVD or CD-ROM.