Population Health Monitor, February 20, 2013
Population Health Monitor
February 20, 2013 Volume I, No. 9

  1. Texas Health Resources, Healthways Advance Physician-Directed Population Health Initiatives

  2. Employee ACO Model Can Help Improve Health Systems' Employee Health, Increase Productivity

  3. 4 Population Health Management Tools to Identify At-Risk Patients

  4. New Cigna Mobile App Helps Customers Take Better Control of Their Health, Health Spending

  5. Infographic: The Impact of Poor Health

  6. Machine Learning Can Improve Patient Outcomes by Nearly 50 Percent

  7. Support Outcomes-Based Health Incentives with Communication, Culture of Health

  8. Patients More Skilled, Confident About Managing Their Own Health Have Lower Care Costs

  9. New Chart: Top Incentivized Coaching Activities

  10. Healthcare Performance Benchmarks: Diabetes Management

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Health Coaching in 2013
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