Population Health Monitor, February 18, 2015

Population Health Monitor
February 18, 2015   Volume III, No. 3
Sponsored by: Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Condition Management

During a 45-minute webinar on February 24, 2015 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern, CHRISTUS Health will share key features of its expanded remote monitoring program, including program design and impact, ROI, and how the program fits into the organization's long-term strategy as a risk-bearing organization. Click here to register for the webinar or obtain more details.

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  1. UHC Population Health Approach Benefits 11 Million Members
  2. Infographic: Patient Self-Scheduling
  3. Deep Monitoring: New Gadgets Could Help Track Chronic Conditions
  4. Cross-Continuum Care Transitions: A Standardized Approach to Post-Acute Patient Hand-Offs
  5. 10 Measures of Quality Palliative and Hospice Care
  6. New Chart: How Is Chronic Care Management Conducted?
  7. Integrator, Seeker or Traditionalist? What Patients' Digital Health Habits Reveal
  8. Guest Post: Building the Right Health Management Program
  9. Telephonic Case Management Protocols to Engage Vulnerable Populations
  10. Roche, Qualcomm Collaborate to Innovate Remote Patient Monitoring
  11. Is a Population Health Management Approach Sustainable?
  12. Virginia Mason Online Patient Portal Surpasses 100,000 Users
  13. Physician Reimbursement for Chronic Care Management: Identifying New Practice Revenue Opportunities
  14. Ochsner Care Transition Protocols Scalable for All Panel Sizes

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