Is Technology the Answer to Patient Engagement?
The Intermountain Healthcare Experience

Tools such as smartphone apps and automated reminders are increasingly employed to engage patients in self-care. But if healthcare organizations aren't careful to create a seamless care experience, technology could actually disengage patients, even the youngest ones, according to Tammy Richards, corporate director of patient and clinical engagement at Intermountain Healthcare.

In this podcast interview, Ms. Richards suggests some ways to incorporate meaningful technology while creating a connected health strategy to engage patients.

Length: 3:02 minutes

During an October 2015 webinar, A Patient Engagement Framework: Intermountain Healthcare's Approach for a Value-Based System, now available for replay, Ms. Richards shares the six key tenets of Intermountain's patient engagement strategy.

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You'll get to listen to the question and answer session to hear: the biggest obstacle in achieving patient engagement goals; the type of data being used to measure improvements in patient engagement and how patient engagement is helping to improve patient health outcomes; details on how Intermountain is engaging senior leadership in patient engagement; and how decisions are made around patient engagement technology and who is involved in those decisions.

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