Benchmarks in Care Transitions Management

SUMMARY: Through effective management of post-acute care transitions hospital to home, hospital to nursing home and even ER to home healthcare organizations such as Geisinger Health Plan, Priority Health, Aetna and many others have reduced avoidable hospital readmissions and ER visits while improving the patient and provider experiences and reimbursement levels in the process.

The valuable metrics in 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Managing Care Transitions provides a roadmap for healthcare organizations seeking the same performance and quality rewards. In this 60-page special report, you'll get data on critical care transition activities, such as:

  • The prevalence of existing and planned care transition management programs;
  • Top three care transitions addressed by responding organizations;
  • Sector-specific feedback on care transition efforts by health plans and physician organizations;
  • The number one component of a care transition program in use by more than four-fifths of respondents;
  • Seven top tasks that take place during home visits, as well as the key conductors, frequency, duration and impact of home visits;
  • Targeted populations and risk factors to identify participants for care transition management programs;
  • The chief coordinator of care transitions and required training for the care transition team;
  • The top measurement tools respondents are using to gauge the success of care transition management programs;
  • ROI generated by these programs; and
  • The complete 2010 Managing Care Transitions survey tool.

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Download the executive summary of 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Managing Care Transitions.

New Care Transitions Benchmarking Guide

This annual industry snapshot is once again enhanced by observations and advice from industry thought leaders on the management of care transitions including tips for managing care transitions of elderly patients from a leading Florida Medicare provider, elements of care coordination for case managers from Sutter Health and the business case for home visits in care transition management from Durham Community Health Network.

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