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Medical Home Compilation:
Profiles on Pilots and Projects

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In theory, assigning a medical home—accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate and culturally effective healthcare—to every individual should pay off in more effective, patient-centric care. In practice, however, establishing medical homes can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for those with chronic conditions and in high-disparity and underserved populations.

This three-volume set, "Medical Home Compilation: Profiles on Pilots and Projects," illustrates how medical home projects and pilots are being used to improve primary care access and use. You'll get case studies on programs from APS Healthcare, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Community Care of North Carolina, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the Pennsylvania Medicaid Access Program and United Healthcare.

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  • Enhancing chronic care programs through medical homes and modifying this approach for other populations;
  • Building partnerships that foster a community care model;
  • The role of health coaches, case workers and the patient in the establishment of a medical home;
  • How to triangulate interventions to achieve best-practice outcomes;
  • Funding, identification and program launching strategies;
  • Defining the payor's role as agent of the medical home;
  • Helping practices meet the medical home designation;
  • Understanding the patient's role in the medical home partnership;
  • Marketing the medical home to consumers;
  • Measuring the medical home's outcomes;
  • Meeting the four requirements of the advanced medical home for successful practice transformation;
  • Defining the roles and responsibilities of a successful diabetes medical home team;
  • Facilitating the cultural shift from patient managers to population managers;
  • Applying the NCQA's "Must Pass" elements of the patient-centered medical home to a diabetes-focused initiative;
  • Developing goal-directed patient management plans;
  • Developing a case identification database; and
  • much more.

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