For Emergency Use Only: Curbing Unnecessary
Emergency Room Use Through Education, Accountability and Physician Engagement

Just teaching patients not to call their doctor at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon can reduce unnecessary emergency department (ED) utilization, a trend that is sapping the resources of EDs around the nation.

Teaching timely access to outpatient care is just one tactic covered in our special report, For Emergency Use Only: Curbing Unnecessary Emergency Room Use through Education, Accountability and Physician Engagement, which provides a blueprint for health plans, hospitals and providers desiring to address and reduce unnecessary ED utilization in their populations.

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In this 35-page special report, Roberta Burgess, clinical case manager, Community Care Plan of Eastern Carolina, and Gerald Kiplinger, vice president and executive director of the Georgia Enhanced Care program for APS Healthcare, detail how to target and reduce unnecessary and inappropriate ED use.

You'll get details on initiatives and interventions for decreasing non-urgent ED use, mining data to target high-utilization, high-cost individuals, implementing an ED case management program, communicating proper ED use to targeted populations and enlisting physicians' support in care redirection and appropriate ED use.

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