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Health Coach Collection

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The Health Coach Collection, a seven-volume set, provides an in-depth look at health coaching from program design to training of coaches to coaching models, strategies and techniques, ROI and the IT infrastructure needed to support an effective health coaching program.

Health coaching basics from coaching best practices, training and responsibilities of health coaches and how to recruit and retain members in health coaching programs is covered, along with case studies from coaching programs at Corphealth Inc., CorSolutions, Duke University Medical Center, Gordian Health Solutions, Health Management Corporation, Healthways, Hummingbird Coaching Services, Mayo Clinic Health Management Resources, Oregon Health & Science University, Oxford Health Plans, Wellcoaches, TrestleTree Inc., and Ceridian LifeWorks.

10% Discount on Health Coach Collection
10% Discount The seven titles in this series include:
  • Health Coaches: Scoring Big Gains in Disease Management ROI
  • Training Health Coaches: Fielding a Team of Behavior Change Agents
  • Narrowing the Health Perception Gap: Coaching to Change Behavior and Raise Self-Efficacy
  • Coaching in the Healthcare Continuum: Models, Methods, Measurements and Motivation
  • Health Coaching IT Tools: Dashboard for Driving Coaching Sessions Toward Behavior Change
  • Promising Outcomes: The Impact of Positive Psychology on Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Measuring Change: Evaluating Health and Wellness Coaching Performance, Outcomes and ROI

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