Healthcare Business Weekly Update, June 3, 2019
June 3, 2019  Vol. X, No. 52
Free Download: Population Health Management in 2018: Investing in Social Health Determinants' Data Collection and Analysis

As the healthcare industry continues its shift toward a greater percentage of reimbursement tied to value-based outcomes, the pressure to effectively manage population health is also growing. The percentage of healthcare organizations with a population health management program increased from 70 percent in 2016 to 92 percent in 2018, according to the latest Population Health Management Survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network. Health risk stratification, care coordination/advocacy and health promotion and wellness are the leading services provided through population health management programs. While the growth in population health management programs was significant over the last two years, these programs still face a number of challenges, including provider alignment and engagement as well as patient engagement.

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  1. Multispecialty Medical Groups and Integrated Delivery Systems Taking on More Risk-Based Reimbursement

  2. Using Health IT for Care Coordination

  3. Care Coordination: 2019 Benchmarks and Metrics

  4. Collaborative Care Agreement Reduces Total Cost of Care, Improves Quality Measures

  5. Medicare Spending Higher Among Older Adults With Disabilities Who Lack Adequate Support

  6. Empathy Interviewing Elicits Patient's 'Story,' Uncovers Social Determinants of Health

  7. Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Screening Tools, Triage and Workflows to Link High-Risk Patients to Community Services

  8. New Chart: What Are the Leading Modalities Used to Deliver Health Coaching?

  9. Three Pillars of Health Coaching: Patient Activation, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology

  10. CMS Releases Final Rule Update for Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

  11. Care Coordination in an ACO: Population Health Management from Wellness to End-of-Life

  12. Prescription Drug Spending Trends

  13. Infographic: Medication Adherence: A Multifaceted Challenge

  14. Humana's Associate Well-Being Report Shows Better Living on Multiple Fronts

  15. Health Coaching in 2018: Facilitating Health Behavior Change with Increasing Reliance on Digital Health Technologies

  16. Proactive Care Management in a Top-Performing ACO: Closing Quality and Care Gaps in High-Risk, High-Utilization Populations

  17. Training and Mentorship Program Supports Clinicians To Address Medical Overuse in the Safety Net

  18. Best Practices for Treatment of Pain

  19. Providing a Critical Roadmap to Bridge the Gap Between Medicine & Public Health

  20. A Collaborative Blueprint for Reducing SNF Readmissions: Driving Results with Quality Reporting and Performance Metrics

  21. Americans More Likely to Participate in a Fitness Routine if Given Opportunity to Socialize, Earn Financial Incentives

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