Healthcare Business Weekly Update, January 29, 2018
January 29, 2018  Vol. IX, No. 41
Sponsored by: Innovative Community-Clinical Partnerships: Reducing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities through Community Transformation

As part of its mission to improve the health of residents of Bronx, N.Y. and address healthcare disparities, Bronx Health REACH continues to create community-based healthcare partnerships to advance these goals.

During Innovative Community-Clinical Partnerships: Reducing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities through Community Transformation, a November 2017 archived webinar, Charmaine Ruddock, project director, Bronx Health REACH, shared the details behind the innovative partnerships established by Bronx Health REACH with area faith-based programs, bodegas, restaurants, schools, clinics and local art groups and how these partnerships promote the health and well-being of area residents. Click here to order or obtain more information.

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  1. 8 Findings from CMS Medicare Chronic Care Management Assessment

  2. U.S. Healthcare Spending Spikes as Americans Use Less Care: HCCI Report

  3. In Successful ACOs, Population Health Focus Paves Way for Shared Savings Payouts

  4. Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2018: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry

  5. Guest Post: Patient Engagement Technology Tool for Preventing Hospital Readmissions in Chronic Patients

  6. Medicaid Expansion Linked with Better, More Timely Surgical Care: Harvard Study

  7. Infographic: Payer-Provider Partnerships Continue to Deepen

  8. New Chart: What Are the Leading Clinical Conditions Targeted by Case Managers?

  9. Geisinger, Ochsner Among Health Facilities Testing New Apple EHR App

  10. Care Coordination of Highest-Risk Patients: Business Case for Managing Complex Populations

  11. What Effect Did the ACA Have on Out-of-Pocket and Premium Spending? JAMA

  12. Case Management Trends: More Care Team Integration; Face-to-Face Encounters Edge Out Telephonic

  13. 2017 Healthcare Benchmarks: Patient Engagement

  14. AAFP’s EveryONE Social Determinants of Health Tools Screen for Population Risk

  15. New HealthSounds Episode: Waiting on ACO Shared Savings? Here's 3 Ways to Generate Population Health Revenue Now

  16. Patient Portal Roll-Out Strategy: Activating and Engaging Patients in Self-Care and Population Health

  17. 3 Embedded Care Coordination Models to Manage Diverse High-Risk, High-Cost Patients Across the Continuum

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