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"New Directions in Disease Management: Medicare - Medicaid, Strategies, Outcomes, ROI" is a new executive-level tele-briefing on CD-ROM. Disease management programs continue to evolve as the field grows.

Today DM programs are being developed to serve Medicare and Medicaid populations as a strategy to help deal with the cost issues.

This program looks at what's been learned from two successful "early adopter" DM programs, the difficulties, the challenges, and solutions working with specialized populations. Get a case study of how disease management can work in a Medicaid population.

"New Directions in Disease Management: Medicare - Medicaid, Strategies, Outcomes, ROI"

Here's what participants in the 'live' conference had to say:

  • "The presentations contained helpful charts/graphs/diagrams that are beneficial to understanding."
  • The conference "gave a variety of viewpoints with concrete examples," said a participant from St. Joseph's, GA.
  • "Very appropriate, cutting edge information."
  • "Learning about the Florida Medicaid population outcomes. . . a population much like ours," was cited by a participant who rated the programs as excellent.
  • " Experiences shared gave listeners a clear understanding of the program; good resources," said another.
  • The program "provided a good overview of different DM strategies," Cynde Shepherd, Team Leader, Population Health Improvement, Wellmark BCBS;
  • "Informative. It also validated what we are doing with our program," Lilly Leong, RN, Cooperative Managed Care Services, LLC
  • "Good information was given, well organized. Felt that vendors were aware of healthcare needs."
  • " It showed the validity for using disease management with a not typical population," Community Health Plan of Washington
  • " Descriptions of DM models; ROI info & outcomes"
  • "Chris Selecky and John King provided valuable information"
  • "The information flow was across the panel of speakers, which made the discussion easy to follow.

"New Directions in Disease Management: Medicare - Medicaid, Strategies, Outcomes, ROI," focuses on new health plan initiatives in expanding their disease management efforts to plan members. There are useful charts and tables with program, clinical and financial results.

The program features presentations by three expert speakers:

  • Michael King, senior vice president, Business Development, American Healthways
  • John Sory, Pfizer Health Solutions
  • Christobel E. Selecky, president, Disease Management Association of America

Presenters share details of outcomes improvement, integration of data, programs and platforms, the opportunities and benefits in Medicaid DM, an in-depth look at the Florida Medicaid DM program, behavior change, financial results and ROI, the implementation model, results of behavioral and clinical changes, and details of utilization and cost improvement benchmarks and results.

Topics covered during the 90-minute program include:

  • Innovative developments in DM;
  • Key features of innovative DM programs;
  • Aetna’s DM initiative to serve Medicare Advantage members;
  • Insight into enrolling health plan members for care enhancement programs;
  • Treatment interventions;
  • Reaching the target populations;
  • How success is measured;
  • Impact on outcomes and measures;
  • Barriers to overcome; and
  • Lessons learned.

Representative Charts - Tables

  • Chronic Disease Prevalence by Age;
  • Underlying Health Issues;
  • Behavioral Changes;
  • Clinical Changes;
  • Impact of Care Management on Emergency Room Visits; and Inpatient Hospital Days;
  • Final Two-year Reconciliation;
  • CHF- Exception Report Reasons; and
  • Results - Changing Utilization and Behavior at the Population Level.

Who Will Benefit From The Audio Conference on CD-ROM

CEOs, COOs, strategists, planners, business development executives, DM providers, product managers, consultants, hospital executives, managed care organizations, health insurers, employers, CMOs, vice president quality, vice president medical management, DM executives, DM program managers, case managers, DM software developers, analysts, directors of members services, network planners, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and healthcare technology companies.

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Medicare - Medicaid, Strategies, Outcomes, ROI"

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