Understanding the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit

Health plans, PBMs and pharma companies are directly involved and in addition to seniors have the most at stake under the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit. But medical group practices, hospitals and providers of every size and type need a basic understanding of how Part D works the plans, the benefits, the players, the regions, the drugs and more.

Understanding the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit is a basic guide written for providers and managers whose organizations are on the periphery of Part D medical group practices, hospitals, pharmacists, labs, ambulatory surgery centers, home care, long-term care, employers, state and local agencies, and organizations that counsel patients and seniors.

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This all-new guide distills from thousands of pages of government guidance just the major rules, guidelines, deadlines and market dynamics you need in order to comprehend what has happened on January 1, 2006.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Plans
  • Chapter 2: The Regions
  • Chapter 3: The Players
  • Chapter 4: Beneficiary Eligibility and Enrollment
  • Chapter 5: Marketing
  • Chapter 6: Benefit Structure
  • Chapter 7: Formulary Administration
  • Chapter 8: Covered Drugs
  • Chapter 9: Coordination of Benefits
  • Chapter 10: Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Chapter 11: Medication Therapy Management
  • Chapter 12: E-Prescribing

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Understanding the Medicare Part D Drug Benefit

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