Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements
Press Release: Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
1:30-2:30 p.m. (Eastern)
Press Release
Contact: Melanie Matthews
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Sea Girt NJ USA -- July 14, 2010: Beginning in January, health insurers must spend at least 85% of premiums on medical costs in group coverage plans, and at least 80% in individual plans...known as the medical loss ratio. While waiting for final CMS determination on what will constitute medical costs versus administrative costs, the industry has begun preparing for these MLR regulations.

During Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements, a 60-minute webinar on July 21st at 1:30 pm Eastern, John Steele, and Steve Young, both managing directors, HealthScape Advisors, will provide an in-depth analysis of what health plans must do now to comply with the January deadline for minimum medical loss ratios and how this might impact health plans operationally and financially.

They will cover:

  • How to mitigate financial and operational MLR requirement impacts;
  • The requirements that will impact competitive positioning;
  • How to create auditable and supportable MLR filings;
  • How to implement the requirements in a compressed time frame;
  • The actions each health plan should consider;
  • Strategies to minimize impact;
  • and other issues related to the MLR requirements, including a diversification strategy for different products and markets, medical loss ratio reporting and accounting and consumer and purchaser perceptions of medical loss ratios.

For a preview of the types of strategies that Steele and Young will be covering during this conference, you can listen to a pre-conference interview during which Steele and Young describe the risk that insurers could incur on the rebate side if they don't adequately prepare for the January changes and the impact the regulations could have on consumers' medical care and choices:

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CEOs, presidents, CFOs, medical directors, health plan executives, physician executives, hospital executives and business development and strategic planning directors.

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