Model Medical Homes: Benchmarks and
Case Studies in Patient-Centered Care

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Healthcare is poised for a major transformation under the
Obama administration, and the patient-centered medical
home (PCMH) is increasingly positioned as a panacea for
primary care. Although awareness and adoption of the PCMH
has increased greatly in recent years, many healthcare
organizations are only beginning to familiarize themselves
with the principles and benefits of patient-centered care.

Model Medical Homes: Benchmarks and Case Studies
in Patient-Centered Care
is a landmark publication that
documents the healthcare industry's adoption of the patient-
centered medical home model of care. This exclusive 65-page
report analyzes the responses of more than 220 healthcare organizations to HIN's 2009
Industry Survey on the Patient-Centered Medical Home Model.

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This analysis is supplemented with more than 40 easy-to-follow graphs and tables,
as well as advice and guidance from leading medical home strategists on key aspects
of PCMH implementation. Case studies that chronicle the transitions of five diverse
healthcare organizations to the PCMH and a comprehensive "For More Information"
section round out this essential resource.

Model Medical Homes: Benchmarks and Case Studies in Patient-Centered Care
provides actionable information on PCMH awareness and adoption levels as well
as key benchmarks for organizations to evaluate their progress. Whether organizations
have just begun to familiarize themselves with the PCMH or are already knee-deep in the
process change that supports PCMH transformation, they will benefit from a review of these
medical home metrics and measurements to evaluate and plan their programs and compare
performance and transformation data.

This report provides expanded data on:

and much more, including advice and details on medical home adoption from five diverse
healthcare organizations.

Geisinger Health Plan Medical Home Pilot: Janet Tomcavage, R.N., M.S.N., vice president
of medical operations for Geisinger Health Plan, shares highlights and outcomes from Geisinger's
successful Pennsylvania-based medical home pilot, with a special focus on the role of the embedded
nurse case manager and opportunities that transitions in care present for improving population health
status and reducing healthcare costs.

HealthQuilt Health Information Exchange: Health Quality and Interoperability Laboratory for
Training (HealthQuilt)
is a pilot health information exchange for the greater Houston area directed
by Dr. Kim Dunn, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. Dunn describes HealthQuilt's goal of establishing a "network of networks”
around patient medical homes, — community clinics, primary care physicians (PCPs), ancillary services
and specialists — that provide care throughout the community; HealthQuilt’s quality health record and its
potential for injecting quality and revenue into a physician practice; and improving access to specialty
care by underserved populations via innovative doses of telemedicine.

Priming Physican Practices for Transformation: the MetCare Case Study: In October 2008, MetCare
made the commitment to transform their medical practices into medical homes for its Medicare patients.
Today, they're nearly there. MetCare CMO Dr. Hy Zucker describes the medical home principles built into
the MetCare foundation and the training and process changes that engaged MetCare physicians in the effort.

Under One Roof: Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Healthcare in the Medical Home.
To date, only Vermont has completed a medical homes pilot in which community mental health organizations
functioned as medical homes. Vermont used grant and state funds to house nurses at community mental health
organizations to address diabetes care among people with serious mental illnesses. Elizabeth (Liz) Reardon,
healthcare consultant, president of Reardon Consulting and a member of the National Integrating Consulting
Team, explains how community mental health organizations might successfully operate as medical homes.

Pre-Process Change: Perspectives from Two Pilots: Barbara Wall, president of Hagen Wall Consulting,
shares lessons learned on how physician practices can prepare for medical home transformation by implementing
a set of pre-process changes.

The 65-page Model Medical Homes: Benchmarks and Case Studies in Patient-Centered Care is the
one-of-a-kind blueprint that organizations can consult as they construct or renovate their medical homes.
Benefit from peers' experiences and advice during healthcare reformation.

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