HealthScape Advisors Shares Key Insight into January Compliance Requirements

Mitigating Risk for Minimum Medical Loss Ratio Regulations

Health plans need to begin to start taking action to mitigate their risks for compliance with the minimum medical loss ratio requirements set for January, advises Steve Young managing director at HealthScape Advisor.

Young, along with John Steele, also a managing director at Healthscape Advisor, provided advice on how to begin to mitigate these risks as well as a look at what markets and product lines provide growth opportunities under these new MLR regulations, during last month's webinar Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements.

There are a lot of short term and long term impacts, both financially and competitively, said Steele. He recommends a foundation strategy that assembles a team to look at the immediate compliance requirements on quality improvement, allocation methodologies and aggregation by segment to develop an organization's preferred approach to address these impacts.

In case you missed this webinar, you still have a chance to hear this highly-rated program. Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements, a 60-minute webinar, is now available on the HIN web site as an on-demand re-broadcast and will be available as a training DVD or CD-ROM on August 11th.

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You will get details on:

  • How to mitigate financial and operational MLR requirement impacts;
  • The requirements that will impact competitive positioning;
  • How to create auditable and supportable MLR filings;
  • How to implement the requirements in a compressed time frame;
  • The actions each health plan should consider;
  • Strategies to minimize impact;
  • and other issues related to the MLR requirements, including a diversification strategy for different products and markets, medical loss ratio reporting and accounting and consumer and purchaser perceptions of medical loss ratios.
You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to hear about the estimated financial impact of MLRs, maintaining consistency between providers with different ideas about administrative charges, the effect of regulations on Medicaid and individual insurance plans and much more.

Here's what participants said about the program:

The conference was "very useful in helping to understand future implications that I can incorporate into the greater context of overall industry trends," said Stacey Geffken, Director of Market Analytics for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania

You can "attend" this program right in your office and enjoy significant savings — no travel time or hassle; no hotel expenses. It’s so convenient! Invite your staff members to listen to this conference. We will send you a DVD or CD-ROM of the conference proceedings or a link to our web site with a username and password. You can log in and listen to the program right from your computer — any time of the day or night, whenever convenient for you and your colleagues — and benefit from the archived recording of the conference, including the Q&A period.

To register for the on-demand re-broadcast of Minimum Medical Loss Ratios: How Health Plans Should Prepare for the January Compliance Requirements or reserve a copy of the training DVD or CD-ROM (available for shipping on 8/11), please visit:

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network