Medicare Incident-to Billing

The question on the minds of many physician practices is: "Under Medicare incident-to rules, will we get paid for services provided by auxiliary personnel?"

Medicare Incident-to Billing is a new everyday, easy-to-use manual for clinic staff will answer that question.

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You'll get:

  • Clear, concise guidance through complicated Medicare rules pertaining to services delivered “incident to” a physician’s care;
  • Explanations on which services and supplies are appropriate for incident-to billing;
  • Clarifications on which healthcare professionals are included under the definition of “auxiliary personnel”;
  • Details exactly what’s involved with a physician’s direct personal supervision; and
  • How to properly document incident-to services.

Written in collaboration with one of the most respected authorities on the topic, Todd A. Rodriguez, Esq., a corporate healthcare attorney with Fox Rothschild.

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"Medicare Incident-to Billing"

Important: Please reference the following customer code when ordering: MIB0322H

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Medicare Incident-to Billing

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