Medical Home Case Studies:
Profiles in the Patient-Centered Approach

Medical Home Case Studies: Profiles in the Patient-Centered Approach

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The patient-centered medical home is a centerpiece of health reform and a critical catalyst for improving quality and containing costs across all sectors of the healthcare industry — from Medicare and Medicaid populations to commercial products.

The 11 profiles in Medical Home Case Studies: Profiles in the Patient-Centered Approach document experiences on the adoption, organization, delivery, funding and outcomes of the medical home model. This 100-page special report profiles the efforts of 11 healthcare organizations as they explore the benefits, opportunities and challenges of the patient-centered medical home model from the viewpoints of payor, hospital, physician, nurse practitioner, case manager and C-suite executive.

Supplemented with key graphs and data, these case studies provide details on:

  • Disease-specific medical home approaches;
  • Care management transition teams;
  • Emerging reimbursement models like the accountable care organization (ACO) and a three-tiered payment model;
  • The hospital as medical home;
  • Multi-payor pilots and collaborations;
  • Early ROI in the form of reduced hospital readmissions and healthcare utilization;
  • Medical homes for high-risk patients;
  • and many other aspects of the patient-centered approach, including the effect of these initiatives on healthcare spend, clinical and quality measures and patient satisfaction.

This 100-page special report is designed for healthcare organizations that want to benefit from the experiences of early adopters of the PCMH.

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