Medical Home Open House Series

Medical Home Open House Series Adds New Sessions on Physician Recruitment and Home Visits

The Medical Home Open House webinar series sponsored by the Healthcare Intelligence Network is focused on improving continuity and quality of care for patients served by a patient-centered medical home, while providing financial returns for the providers and payors participating in the program.

The series, which began in June 2009, continues with next month's programs:

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  • Physician Practices in the Medical Home: Recruiting, Evaluating, Supporting and Measuring the Patient-Centered Team on 5/19/10 at 1:30 Eastern.

    Presenter: Dr. Marjie Harbrecht, medical and executive director, Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative

    As more private and public payors test the patient-centered medical home model of care, there is a growing need to identify and select physician practices to participate in the delivery of this type of care.

    During this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Harbrecht will examine how practices are recruited, selected and supported in medical home programs, including:

    • Recruitment, application and enrollment strategies for practice sites;
    • Identifying practice characteristics for success in implementing and deploying a medical home;
    • Developing a supportive environment for the patient-centered team through learning collaboratives and education initiatives; and
    • Measuring results in the practice.

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  • Home Visits in the Patient-Centered Medical Home on 5/20/10 at 1:30 Eastern.

    Presenters: Dr. Larry Greenblatt, medical director, Duke University Medical Center and Jessica Simo, network coordinator, Durham Community Health Network for the Duke Division of Community Health

    While costly to conduct, home visits to patients with complex care needs can provide huge returns by identifying patient compliance barriers that are only apparent when seeing a patient in their home. Many patient-centered medical home initiatives are using home visits as part of a care transition program to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions and emergency room utilization.

    During this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Greenblatt and Ms. Simo will examine the features of a successful home visit initiative, from the types of patients to include to the actual visit itself and the outcomes that it can achieve. They will share details on:

    • Evaluating if a home visit program will benefit your patients and your organization;
    • Who should conduct home visits, including the necessary skill sets;
    • Structuring the home visit, from when to conduct it, to what to assess;
    • Overcoming the challenges of a home visits program;
    • Implementing policies and procedures to guide home visits; and
    • Results from home visit initiatives.

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About the Medical Home
Open House Series

The Medical Home "Open House" series of webinars has been touring the critical components in the medical home. If you've missed any of the sessions, you can still order the webinar CD or DVD. Don't miss out on the latest developments in the transition to the patient-centered medical home model. Sessions have been held on:

  • Integrating behavioral health into the medical home;
  • Negotiating the medical home contract;
  • Accountable care organizations;
  • Patient engagement and education;
  • Geisinger's care transitions program;
  • GroupHealth's staffing models for the medical home;
  • Care transitions;
  • Multi-payor medical home;
  • Risk adjustment in the medical home;
  • Achieving NCQA's recognized patient-centered medical home; and
  • Bundled or episode-based payments.

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