Having established a firm foundation by providing over two decades of patient-centered care, the medical home model is poised for a makeover, expanding into medical neighborhoods and opening the door to specialists’ enhanced role in care coordination—two new metrics documented in the seventh comprehensive Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN).

The Medical Home in 2014: Specialists Move into Medical NeighborhoodThe annual percentage of respondents implementing the medical home model continues to rise, with a high of 58 percent reporting PCMH adoption, up from 52 percent in 2012, when the survey was last conducted. The percentage of respondents with at least a fifth of patients assigned to medical homes more than doubled in the last two years, from 27 to 50 percent. Today’s medical home is especially welcoming to Medicaid beneficiaries, who were targeted by only 3 percent of medical homes in 2012 but now are included in 37 percent of respondents’ patient-centered approaches.

Download this HINtelligence report for more data on the patient-centered medical home including details on the most formidable challenge of medical home creation, average number of participating physicians, specialists in the medical home and much more. http://www.hin.com/library/registermedicalhome2014.html

This white paper is an excerpt from the full 2014 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home, an in-depth analysis of medical home adoption, tools, technologies, challenges, benefits and outcomes. Click here for more information.

This 40-page report, now in its seventh year, delivers the latest metrics and measures on current and planned PCMH initiatives, providing actionable data on PCMH effectiveness, targeted populations and conditions, medical home team members, health IT in use, reimbursement models, ROI and much, much more.

New data in the 2014 edition:

  • Trends in inclusion of specialists in patient-centered medical homes;
  • Prevalence of medical home neighborhoods— integrated systems of care that take on more risk and truly manage population health across the spectrum of care;
  • Measurement of operational, patient engagement and health utilization metrics as measures of medical home success;
  • Categorical assessments of challenges associated with medical home construction;
  • Examination of value-based physician reimbursement models;
  • Popularity of state-specific accreditation and recognition programs for medical homes;
  • Impact of ACA's 2014 "10 Essential Health Benefits" mandate on medical homes; and
  • Best-in-class workflows, tools and processes in use in medical homes; and
  • Tactics to overcome the challenges of medical home implementation.

2014 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home will be available for shipping on Tuesday, April 22nd. Reserve your copy today.


Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network

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