Patient Satisfaction Rises with PCMH Adoption

The rise in medical home starts over the last six years has been accompanied by a steady climb in patient satisfaction. This metric has risen from 49 percent in 2006 to 79 percent in 2009 to 86 percent in 2012, according to 95 healthcare companies who completed the sixth annual Healthcare Intelligence Network survey on Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH).

When asked in 2006, only 33 percent of respondents were trying to establish a medical home. However, by 2012, 52 percent have established medical homes for their populations. And 59 percent of existing medical homes are now or soon will be part of an accountable care organization (ACO).

With increased patient accountability in the PCMH, ACOs and other emerging healthcare delivery models, healthcare organizations need to engage patients in ways that increase quality, reduce cost and improve their overall healthcare experience. The top three reported ways to educate and engage patients in the medical home are physician training (79 percent), health coaching (76 percent) and patient outreach (66 percent).

Medical home occupancy is on the rise, too. The majority of respondents in 2006 and 2009 reported that only 0 to 5 percent of their members/patients were assigned a designated medical home, but in 2012 the highest percentage of respondents (28 percent) said participation was at 21 percent or more, according to the HIN research report, 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home. For more information, please visit:

2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home

Time for medical home conversion has dropped for most, from 12-18 months in 2009 to less than a year in 2012. Electronic health records (EHRs) remained the top health IT used from 2009 (74 percent) to 2012 (90 percent). Other top tools in 2012 are e-prescribing, patient registries and email or text message, found the study.

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New data in the 2012 edition: Best-in-class workflows, tools and processes in use in medical homes; tactics to overcome the challenges of medical home implementation.

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