Medicaid Fraud Crackdowns and Compliance

After years of ballooning Medicaid spending undermined by inadequate oversight,
Congress unleashed a torrent of federal money aimed at reining in fraud and
abuse, and enacted the the federal Deficit Reduction Act (DRA). The DRA
mandated the creation of the Medical Integrity Program at CMS, increased
funding for Medicaid fraud fighting at the HHS Office of Inspector General,
gave states incentives to enact false claims laws, and required training of
employees on the False Claims Act and its whistle-blower provisions.

Medicaid is now one of the top audit and enforcement priorities of state and
federal governments. Medicaid Fraud Crackdowns and Compliance
explains what sparked this enforcement push, how it affects providers and
what actions your organization should take now.

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Medicaid Fraud Crackdowns and Compliance is packed with case studies that will
show you what health care organizations should expect under the DRA. It will
help prepare you for the waves of newly funded Medicaid auditors likely
heading your way, and federal and state enforcers working more closely
together to build fraud cases against suppliers, providers and pharmaceutical

Get practical advice on complying with the DRA requirements.

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Written for the information needs of hospitals, health systems and other
providers, state government healthcare officials, managed care companies
and other healthcare facilities.

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"Medicaid Fraud Crackdowns and Compliance"

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Medicaid Fraud Crackdowns and Compliance

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