5 Community Partners Supporting HCSC Dual Eligibles Care Coordination

From 'street case managers' that help locate and engage the homeless to tribal leaders who are liaisons to the Native American population, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) has assembled a dream team of community partners to support care coordination of dual eligibles.

Community mental health centers, public health agencies and community agencies round out the cadre of care coordination supports for Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries, explained Julie Faulhaber, HCSC's vice president of enterprise Medicaid during a recent webinar, Moving Beyond the Medical Care Coordination Model for Dual Eligibles.

Julie Faulhaber

This safety net for dual eligibles is a hallmark of three duals care coordination models launched by HCSC in 2014—two in New Mexico and one in Illinois. Results from a home-grown health risk assessment, or HRA, (conducted telephonically in almost all cases) enables HCSC to risk-stratify duals and refer them to appropriate care teams.

Other care coordination elements include interdisciplinary teams, a whole-person rather than diagnosis-driven focus and novel care and services planning that encourages out-of-the box thinking — like the installation of a grab bar in the home of a senior somewhat unsteady on her feet.

"Putting in a grab bar might cost $150 to $200, but when you think about that in terms of having that member have a fall and having them hospitalized and the rehab cost, it just makes sense for the member's quality of life and comfort to know that there is something there to help them," noted Ms. Faulhaber.

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