Pharmacists’ Motivational Interviewing <BR>Can Boost Medication Adherence Levels

Pharmacists’ Motivational Interviewing
Can Boost Medication Adherence Levels

Medication non-adherence accounts for nearly $290 billion in avoidable medical spending each year, according to a recent New England Healthcare Institute estimate.

But a recent pilot study found that training community pharmacists in the art of motivational interviewing could boost medication adherence levels in the patients who visit them.

The study, a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Rite-Aid pharmacies, was discussed in “Improving Medication Adherence Benchmarks Through Community Pharmacist Interventions,” a webinar sponsored by the Health Intelligence Network. According to Janice Pringle, Ph.D., director of the program evaluation research unit at the university, and guest speaker, the three primary reasons causing medication non-adherence were patients’ beliefs that:

  • Medication costs too much
  • Medication will do more harm than good
  • Medication is not needed

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Improving Medication Adherence Benchmarks Through Community Pharmacist Interventions

The study deployed motivational interviewing training to 120 participating pharmacies. Results showed that standardized screening and brief (2 to 5 minutes long) therapeutic conversations between patient and pharmacist helped to reduce patient risk. Pharmacists were taught overall interviewing techniques and strategies for dealing with patients’ resistance to taking medication.

You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to hear the three key elements of adherence, key performance indicators for community pharmacies, the type of motivational interviewing training provided to pharmacists and how performance data is used and shared to drive improvements.

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