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Comorbidity Care Models: Integrated Action
Plans for Complex Healthcare Needs

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Individuals with comorbidity the presence of more than one disease or health condition at a given time comprise more than a quarter of the population and account for 65 cents of every U.S. healthcare dollar. When comorbidity is complicated by advanced age and/or the presence of behavioral health conditions, healthcare costs and care challenges can increase exponentially.

Comorbidity Care Models: Integrated Action Plans for Complex Healthcare Needs presents emerging models of care for comorbidity, with a special focus on the needs of aging multi-morbid patients as well as those whose comorbidity encompasses physical and behavioral health conditions.

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In this 38-page special report, two industry thought leaders share programs aimed at the co-morbid patient. Chad Boult, M.D., M.P.H., M.B.A., professor of public health, medicine & nursing and director of the Lipitz Center for Integrated Health Care, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, presents Guided Care, an emerging model of care for older multi-morbid patients that is demonstrating early success in improving quality of life and efficiency of healthcare utilization for this population.

Providing perspectives from the Medicaid population, where there is significant behavioral health comorbidity, is Jim Hardy, senior vice president of care management services with McKesson Health Solutions. Hardy describes the growing trend toward closing physical and behavioral healthcare gaps for this population and adopting an integrated, whole-person approach.

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