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Medication Reconciliation Strategies to Reduce Hospital Adverse Drug Events

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Improving medication delivery and adopting a safety culture has significantly improved the quality of care at McLeod Regional Medical Center, a 453-bed flagship hospital for the three-hospital McLeod Health System. McLeod has revamped its medication delivery process to significantly reduce harmful events and medication turnaround times and changed its culture of "blame" associated with these events to one of openness and support.

Medication Reconciliation Strategies to Reduce Hospital Adverse Drug Events
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This special report, "Medication Reconciliation Strategies to Reduce Hospital Adverse Drug Events," describes McLeod Hospital's emphasis on quality and perfect care processes and provides the inside details on McLeod's medication management program, which has a goal of eliminating adverse drug events. You'll get details on:

  • Identifying success factors of a healthcare quality improvement system;
  • Creating a vision plan to enlist staff and C-suite support;
  • Building a culture of safety, including education, communications and training;
  • Streamlining medication delivery;
  • Using healthcare technology and automation;
  • Communication of drug information during patient admissions, transfers and discharges;
  • Developing new models of monitoring and reporting errors;
  • Communicating risk/benefit information; and
  • Engaging physicians in the use of support technology.

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