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Toward Transparency in Healthcare:
Competing for Quality and Consumers

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Feeding the demand for transparency in cost and quality reporting is consumers' expectation to find reliable quality and comparative performance data on provider Web sites to support them in their healthcare decisions. Additionally, many payors are reducing reimbursements for sub-par provider performances accordingly.

Toward Transparency in Healthcare: Competing for Quality and Consumers
Providers and health plans are scrambling to comply, but C-suite pushback, technology obstacles and the overwhelming hope that a set of consistent and reliable performance and quality measures to post will be developed is delaying some initiatives. In "Toward Transparency in Healthcare: Competing for Quality and Consumers," a panel of experts discusses the challenges of incorporating public reporting as part of an integrated strategy, collaborating with providers, and developing objective metrics and reliable data.
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With consumers just a mouse click away from choosing another physician or hospital, healthcare organizations must find a way to drive quality through effective public reporting or face a possible loss of business. In this special report, HIN's accomplished panel of contributing authors furnish details on the following:
  • Furthering the transparency agenda with healthcare report cards;
  • Responding to data validity and reliability issues;
  • Evaluating internal vs. external reporting mechanisms;
  • Communicating quality and performance data to employees, patients and members; and
  • Building a quality-based specialty provider network.

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