Taconic and THINC Share Strategies for Physician Practice Transformations

Working with 6 commercial health plans and 237 primary care physicians, Taconic, an IPA in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State and THINC (Taconic Health Information Network and Community) have created a physician practice transformation project that has improved physician performance and will eventually lead to value-based reimbursement levels, according to Susan Stuard, executive director at THINC.

Taconic and THINC set out to determine the incremental effects of medical home incentives and EHRs on quality, end-costs and utilization. With the implementation of this program, they found relatively high levels of patient and physician satisfaction, but also some issues with care coordination, according to Stuard.

Additionally, Taconic and THINC gathered data, developed and administered surveys and analyzed the positive and negative effects of physician practice transformations.

Stuard, along with Dr. Paul Kaye, medical director at Taconic IPA, shared with participants in the webinar Improving Physician Performance and Value-Based Reimbursement Levels Through Meaningful Data Sharing, the proper steps for completing a medical home transformation, including a look at the timeline of generating quality profiles and utilization metrics, strategies to improve physician performace, the top incentive payment programs and the biggest challenges of transforming to a medical home.

CD-ROM, Training DVD and On-Demand Re-Broadcast Now Available

In case you missed this webinar, you still have a chance to hear this highly-rated program. Improving Physician Performance and Value-Based Reimbursement Levels Through Meaningful Data Sharing, a 45-minute webinar, is now available on the HIN web site as an on-demand re-broadcast and a training DVD or CD-ROM will be available for shipping on July 14th.

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You will get details on:

  • The characteristics of the physician practices and payors participating in the program;
  • The components of the Taconic quality profile;
  • How the incentives payments are structured for participants in the program;
  • Areas of early success;
  • Addressing challenges in physician practice transformation; and
  • Program evaluation.

You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to hear about revenue and efficiency increases associated with physician practice transformation, utilization measures incorporated in quality profiles and how the physician practice transformation has shifted the responsibilities of staff in the practices.

You can "attend" this program right in your office and enjoy significant savings — no travel time or hassle; no hotel expenses. It’s so convenient! Invite your staff members to listen to this conference. We will send you a DVD or CD-ROM of the conference proceedings or a link to our web site with a username and password. You can log in and listen to the program right from your computer — any time of the day or night, whenever convenient for you and your colleagues — and benefit from the archived recording of the conference, including the Q&A period.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network