Learn how organizations are incentivizing individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices...

Lifestyle Incentives: Rewards Programs Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Lifestyle incentive programs---rewarding health-conscious behavior like stopping smoking and losing weight---are emerging resolutions to the high-cost of chronic healthcare conditions caused by personal health choices.

In an online survey conducted by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN), employers and health plans discussed incentive program development within their companies.

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Modifying Personal Behavior to Reduce Healthcare Risks

Employers and health plans alike utilize multiple incentives to stimulate employee enthusiasm and compliance. Many programs include rewards for a variety of healthy lifestyle choices. Survey results reveal what the three most common incentives are.

Alternative Rewards for Healthy Choices

Beyond the typical incentives, a number of organizations are taking unique approaches to lifestyle incentives. See what other types of incentives might peak participants interest.

The Impact of Incentive Programs

Self-imposed behavior modification is a formidable task. However, results of lifestyle incentive programs implemented to date offer some relief from the escalating cost of chronic care.

Program results varied across the board from effective campaigns to quit smoking and improve nutrition to regular exercise and sustained gym memberships. Learn about the impacts healthy lifestyle incentive programs can have on behavior modification, the workplace and utilization and costs trends.

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