The Infection Control Manual Series...

The Infection Control Manual series, available from the Healthcare Intelligence Network, provides infection control policies and procedures for behavioral healthcare, home healthcare and long-term care. The policies may be used as written or they may be easily adapted to a specific facility by using the disk that is provided with the manual. The content is written taking into consideration JCAHO standards, federal regulations, and current standards of practice for infection control.

The Infection Control Manual series includes:

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Additional infection control resources available from the Healthcare Intelligence Network...

Infection Control Posters are designed with eye-catching designs as a visual aid intended to remind healthcare workers to use safe practices and help prevent transmission of infections. Posters are available on Hand Hygiene; Cough Etiquette; and Sharps Injuries

The Control of Infectious Diseases, a 47-minute video program, provides viewers with information on the four major types of healthcare-associated infections (surgical site infections, urinary tract infection, bloodstream infection, and pneumonia), hand hygiene, standard precautions, transmission-based precautions (contact, droplet, airborne), resistant organisms and the CDC prevention campaign, and immunizations. Read more

Infection Prevention for Housekeeping in Healthcare Facilities - Inservice program was written for housekeeping departments as an inservice program to help housekeeping staff learn about their role in infection prevention. The topics covered include an overview of disease transmission, Standard Precautions, bloodborne pathogens, use of personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, environmental infection control, and more. Read more

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The Infection Control Series

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