Healthcare Industry Competitive Positioning for 2011

Healthcare Industry Competitive Positioning for 2011

Despite continuing impacts from the economic conditions of the past two years and industry changes stemming from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there are many opportunities for healthcare organizations to improve their competitive positioning in the coming year, according to William Shea, partner, health industry consulting for Cognizant Business Consulting and Steven T. Valentine, president, The Camden Group.

Shea and Valentine shared these opportunities as well as trends they expect to impact the industry in 2011 with participants in last week's webinar Healthcare Trends in 2011: A Strategic Industry Forecast.

In case you missed this webinar, you still have a chance to hear this highly-rated program. Healthcare Trends in 2011: A Strategic Industry Forecast, a 60-minute webinar, is now available on the HIN web site as an on-demand re-broadcast and will be available as a training DVD or CD-ROM on 11/10.

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You will get details on:

  • How the economy continues to impact the industry and will impact the implementation of reform;
  • How healthcare organizations can prepare for the health reform changes required in 2011;
  • The short and long-term reform ramifications for the coming year;
  • What healthcare opportunities exist;
  • The critical healthcare industry developments to monitor;
  • How physician alignment, close ties to brokers and health plans can benefit provider organizations in the coming year;
  • Positioning for the economic recovery; and
  • much, much more!

You'll also get to listen to the question and answer session to hear how managed care organizations can play a role in the development of ACOs, Medicaid expansion opportunities, healthcare IT investment needs, where healthcare providers and health plans can look within their organizations to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, positioning for the pent-up demand for healthcare service utilization expected in 2011, ICD-10 strategies and how the mid-term elections might impact health reform implementation and appropriation.

You can "attend" this program right in your office and enjoy significant savings — no travel time or hassle; no hotel expenses. It’s so convenient! Invite your staff members to listen to this conference. We will send you a DVD or CD-ROM of the conference proceedings or a link to our web site with a username and password. You can log in and listen to the program right from your computer — any time of the day or night, whenever convenient for you and your colleagues — and benefit from the archived recording of the conference, including the Q&A period.

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