Last week you were invited to join us at our industry leading 60-minute webinar on healthcare trends for 2013— this annual, must-attend event provides a first look analysis at the key trends and opportunities for healthcare organizations in the coming year.

I am now pleased to send for your review the Conference Agenda, profiling this comprehensive program: Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2013: A Strategic Planning Session, which will be held on Wednesday, October 17th from 1:30-2:30 p.m. ET


Steven Valentine, president, The Camden Group, will cover:

  • How the economic environment and market developments, including the consolidation in the industry, will impact hospitals and providers in 2013;
  • The evolution in the healthcare industry to a value-based system and its impact on reimbursement and patient care;
  • Driving the value proposition in the healthcare industry;
  • The new paradigm in population health management;
  • How the traditional primary care practice is changing and potential market segments for ACOs; and
  • The high impact areas for healthare providers in 2013.

Hank Osowski, managing director of Strategic Health Group and Dennis Eder, also a managing director at Strategic Health Group, will share:

  • How the economic, political and regulatory environments are impacting health plans;
  • What the consolidation in the industry will mean for national and community health plans;
  • Future opportunities for health plans, including dual eligibles and health insurance exchanges; and
  • The actions that health plans should be taking now to succeed in the year ahead.

A presidential election, more post-ACA milestones and a remodeling of healthcare funding and delivery will no doubt make for an exciting year ahead in healthcare. Listen to this conference preview, as Dennis Eder, Hank Osowski and Steven Valentine predict the direction of physician reimbursement, trends in ACO administration, the technology to embrace in the year to come, and the industry's response to a softened demand for service.

Hosted by the Healthcare Intelligence Network, a leader in fast-read actionable advice on the business of healthcare, you won't want to miss this year's program for the valuable insight and guidance your organization needs to position for success in 2013.

  • FAST - No wasted time here. Get right to the heart of the matter in a 1-hour block designed to easily fit into your busy schedule.
  • CONVENIENT - No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office. Listen from the comfort and convenience of your desk.
  • EASY - A telephone and web access is all the equipment you need. Just dial in, enter your access code, and youíre in. Thatís it. Follow along with the conference handouts provided in advance and on the web the day of the conference if you choose.
  • ACTIONABLE - Our webinar provide tactics you can start using right when you hang up then phone.
  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE LISTENERS - Use a speakerphone and as many people as you want can listen in -- at no extra cost to you. Many professionals use these sessions as a cost-efficient, time-efficient means of training supervisors, managers, and staff and reinforcing key issues in a fresh new manner that they will remember and act on.
  • AFFORDABLE - Priced at $99, it is a fraction of the cost of travel and attendance fees for other high-priced conferences or seminars.

Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2013: A Strategic Planning Session
Live, 60-Minute Webinar
Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 1:30-2:30 PM ET

Register now for this event by clicking the following link: or by contacting the Healthcare Intelligence Network at 888-446-3530.

We hope you'll join us.


Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network