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Healthcare Trends and Forecasts in 2010: Marketplace and Health Reform Drivers

Thursday, October 29, 2009 • 1:30-3:00 p.m. Eastern
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Even as the health reform debate continues on Capitol Hill, reform is happening on both the local and national level through industry efforts.

During Healthcare Trends and Forecasts in 2010: Marketplace and Health Reform Drivers, a 90-minute webinar on October 29, 2009, industry experts William DeMarco, president and CEO of DeMarco and Associates and Jim Knutson, risk manager and human resources director, Aircraft Gear Corporation, will examine how the healthcare industry fared in 2009 and what trends will drive the industry in 2010, looking at how the industry is transforming itself with value-based purchasing initiatives and the potential impacts of reform in the coming year.

DeMarco will provide an overview of the current status of health reform and the industry’s move toward value-based purchasing and performance-based medicine.

Knutson will share his organization’s experience in participating in the PROMETHEUS payment pilot, which allows Aircraft Gear Corporation to negotiate the purchase of high-quality, evidence-based care from providers and incentivize them to avoid potentially avoidable complications.

Part of an annual webinar series that provides healthcare executives with a look ahead to help shape strategic plans, this session will cover:

  • What healthcare opportunities exist;
  • Industry developments;
  • How the current economic climate is impacting the healthcare industry;
  • How healthcare organizations can position themselves to take advantage of current opportunities; and
  • The prospects of health reform and the potential impacts.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network