Healthcare Trends and Forecasts 2007
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Healthcare Trends and Forecasts 2007

Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET
Duration: 60 minutes

Consumer-driven health plans, workplace wellness, a rising demand for provider quality data, Medicare Part D implementation and the threat of an influenza pandemic were just some of the issues demanding the attention of the healthcare in industry in 2006. Which of these topics will continue to consume the healthcare executive, and what new challenges await the industry in 2007?

During Healthcare Trends and Forecasts 2007, a September 27, 2006 audio conference, your expert speaker, Dr. Peter Kongstvedt, a partner in the health and managed care consulting services division of Accenture, will delve into the trends that are shaping today's healthcare industry. Dr. Kongstvedt will draw on his 12 years consulting experience and 20 years of experience at the senior-most levels of health plans to provide inside information on healthcare trends likely to impact the industry in 2007.

Join us for this Live, 60-minute Audio Conference and you will get details on:

  • What's driving changes in the healthcare industry;
  • What new trends will emerge in 2007;
  • How healthcare organizations can best position for 2007;
  • Performance expectations for the healthcare industry in 2007;
  • Problems affecting the healthcare business climate; and
  • How 2007 will compare to 2006.

Dr. Peter Kongstvedt, partner in the health and managed care consulting services, Accenture

Melanie Matthews, executive vice president, Healthcare Intelligence Network

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