Healthcare Strategic Planning, Third Edition

Strategic planning is an important management tool, especially in an era of uncertainty. A sound strategic plan helps healthcare organizations thrive in dynamic environments and adapt as market conditions change.

This new edition of Healthcare Strategic Planning, Third Edition, provides the reader with practical guidance and expert insights for addressing near-term pressures, achieving long-term goals, and managing pitfalls that can derail effective planning. Descriptions, examples, and guidelines lead the reader step-by-step through a proven strategic planning process.

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Healthcare Strategic Planning, Third EditionStrategic planning in the healthcare environment has evolved since the previous editions of this book were published. This edition reinvigorates the discussion with many new ideas and additional information on contemporary strategic planning.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Is Strategic Planning Still Relevant?
  • Organizing for Successful Strategic Planning: Critical Steps
  • Activity I: Analyzing the Environment
  • Activity II: Identifying Organizational Direction
  • Activity III: Strategy Formulation
  • Activity IV: Transitioning to Implementation
  • Major Planning Process Considerations
  • Realizing Benefits from Strategic Planning
  • Making Planning Stick: From Implementation to Managing Strategically
  • The Annual Strategic Plan Update
  • Encouraging Strategic Thinking
  • Future Challenges for Strategic Planning and Planners

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