Health Savings Accounts Snapshot:
Data, Trends and Projections

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Consumer-directed health plans with HSAs are no longer a novelty.
More than 6 million people own HSAs, and consumers have collectively
deposited close to $4 billion in their accounts since 2004. An increasing
number of businesses of all sizes are offering their employees HSAs,
and more employees opt to participate in them as investment vehicles.
And some recent surveys suggest that they could become part of the
Obama administrationís health reform efforts.

HSA Snapshot: Data, Trends and Projections provides a look
at the growth of health savings accounts (HSAs) and what industry
players expect for 2009 and beyond.

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HSA Snapshot: Data, Trends and Projections is based on interviews
with, and surveys of, major consumer-directed health industry experts,
including UnitedHealth Group, The Principal Financial Group, the
National Credit Union Administration, and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Association. Itís filled with survey results and data on enrollment,
accounts and account balances, plus expert predictions on the growth ó
and the obstacles ó the industry will face in coming years.

Learn about major trends in the industry, and position yourself for steady
growth in the years ahead. Order HSA Snapshot: Data, Trends and

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CEOs, CFOs, product managers, marketing directors, benefits managers and
others with a major stake in the success or failure of different types of new
consumer-directed plans:

  • Health plans and insurance companies;
  • Hospitals, physician groups and ancillary providers;
  • Employee benefit directors and human resource VPs;
  • Pharmaceutical companies and PBMs, IT vendors, VC and
    investment banking firms, and other vendors to health care organizations Order your copy today!
    Please reference this customer code when ordering: HSA0402H

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