2010 Performance Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use

Aggregate data from health risk assessments (HRAs) provide a snapshot of population health status that guides healthcare payors, purchasers and providers in the design of health improvement or disease management initiatives.

But should the completion of HRAs be mandatory for employers or health plan members? Should HRAs be incentivized? In what format should health assessments be administered, and who should be permitted to review the output from HRAs?

2010 Performance Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use answers these questions and many others with a wealth of actionable information from 116 healthcare organizations on their use of HRAs.

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This 60-page resource provides metrics and measures on current and planned HRA initiatives as well as lessons learned and results from successful health assessment programs, presenting the data in 60 easy-to-follow graphs and tables, from an exclusive analysis of the responses of 116 healthcare organizations to HIN's June 2010 Industry Survey on Health Risk Assessments.

This industry snapshot is enhanced with guidance from industry thought leaders on the design and implementation of HRAs, the role of an HRA in a population health management program and guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of HRA programs.

The 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use provides detailed data from all respondents and drills down to hospital- and health plan-only views on:

  • Current and planned health risk assessment programs;
  • Populations and conditions targeted by HRAs;
  • Eligibility requirements;
  • Trends in mandatory vs. optional HRA completion and penalties for refusals:
  • The use of incentives including eligibility for incentives, types of incentives employed and rewards for repeat participation;
  • HRA data inputs and outputs, including the integration of HRA data with EHRs, PHRs and other health IT;
  • Health assessment delivery methods and completion rates;
  • The top 5 applications of HRA data;
  • The impact of HRAs on healthcare cost, utilization, wellness program enrollment, health outcomes and ROI; and
  • Lessons learned from program development and administration.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intellligence Network

P.S. With increased payor pressure to improve self-management of chronic conditions to offset healthcare costs, the 2010 Performance Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use provides comprehensive performance and utilization metrics to evaluate, plan and retool health risk assessment programs. Order your copy today: