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With increased government oversight on healthcare premium rate increases
and negative perceptions in the marketplace for increases, health plans
are facing a tough environment to justify rate increases.

During Health Plan Rate Setting: Balancing Premium Increase Against
Regulatory Oversight
, a 45-minute program on December 8th, John Steele
and Steve Young, both managing directors, HealthScape Advisors, will share
how health plans can develop a sound policy for premium rate increases that
will meet with regulatory approval.

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You will learn how to:

  • Develop sound justifications for premium rate increases;
  • Balance rate increases with new health plan reform requirements;
  • Examine your organization's book of business for appropriate
    premium rate increases;
  • Address state-by-state requirements for multi-state plans;
  • Use product design and product portfolio in the rate
    setting process;
  • Meet multiple levels of regulatory obligations; and
  • Ensure that your organizationís medical loss ratio will not
    impact your ability to raise rates.

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HHS' $250 million award to states to increase their monitoring of health
plan rate increases combined with regulatory requirements in the Patient
Protection and Affordable Care Act demand that health plans put a strong
focus on sound rate setting policies.

Don't miss this event to learn what strategies your organization should
be using to prepare for this increased scrutiny.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network