Health Literacy Advisor

Most patients would like to follow their healthcare instructions...if only they could understand them. Introducing the nation's first interactive health literacy software tool. A simple add-in to Microsoft Word, The Health Literacy Advisor is revolutionizing a traditionally antiquated, and labor intensive literacy review process with a powerful new software tool to help communicators evaluate, standardize, and produce clear health information. It is the nation's only and most powerful health literacy software tool.

As a "health literacy checker," The Health Literacy Advisor streamlines the review and simplification process by allowing users to assess the health of their documents and then fix it using plain language principles.

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Use one or all nine different readability indices and "grade" documents for their readability:

  • Fry-based Electronic Readability Formula
  • Precise SMOG
  • Gunning-Fog
  • Automated Readability Index (ARI)
  • Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
  • Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease
  • New Dale-Chall Rormula
  • FORCAST Readability Formula
  • Coleman-Liau Index


  • Flag complicated words by health or non-health
  • Find long sentences with 15 or more words
  • See words with three or more syllables
  • Change complicated words, medical jargon or hard to understand words with plain language alternatives
  • Use one of our 12,000 plain language alternatives for simpler, easier, clearer words for consumers
  • Readability level — change from 3rd to 8th grade reading level standards within seconds

Additional Features:

  • No need to cut and paste to a text box
  • Ability to do work in Word
  • Free style guide to help with design and layout

We know our stuff! The Health Literacy Advisor was developed by seasoned health literacy professionals who understand that clear health communication can enhance health outcomes. It improves health communication one word at a time.

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The Healthcare Intelligence Network
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