More than any other provision of the reform law, state health
insurance exchanges will forever change the way individuals and
small businesses purchase health insurance by making coverage
more of a retail commodity. And while there are huge risks, the
potential rewards are unprecedented.

In Health Insurance Exchanges: Strategies and Stakeholders,
you’ll read about the hurdles states are facing in developing
models and establishing exchanges. You’ll also gain insight from
industry consultants, state lawmakers and regulators, scholars
and other key industry observers on such topics as:

There are no schematic drawings to illustrate how to build an exchange,
but Health Insurance Exchanges: Strategies and Stakeholders
provides timely insights on how they may operate, what the products
will look like, which health insurers will participate and who will
enroll. Stay up to date on the rapidly changing landscape of health
insurance exchanges by ordering your copy today. Contact HIN at
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