How Employers Use Incentives to Keep Employees Healthy: 
Perks, Programs and Peers

Webinar: How Employers Use Incentives to Keep Employees Healthy: Perks, Programs and Peers

Third annual survey results of small, medium and large U.S. employers
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Join Industry Experts on
August 11, 2009- 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. EST

Access to primary care is front and center in discussion about cost savings. Health care reform proposals encourage employers to provide innovative health and wellness program. People like you are asking:

  • How are employers keeping employees healthy?
  • How are incentives used in today's economy?
  • Are incentives offered to seek primary care?
  • How do employers integrate with primary care?
  • Are programs with incentives worth the cost?

Does size matter? Small and medium-sized companies also report that incentives are a strategic component of successful programs to keep employees healthy and lower health benefit costs. Companies with as few as 210 employees are offering incentives valued at $1,450 per year to keep employees healthy.

The third annual survey of employer use of incentives in these programs reveals new information about:

  • how employers use incentives,
  • how much they pay,
  • what programs they incent, and
  • how employers are achieving value and return on investment during an economic downturn.

After a 50-minute presentation, you'll have an opportunity to interact with the speakers during a 25-minute Q&A period. Click Here to Register for $150 Fee includes NEW report and Webinar.

About the Speakers

Katherine H. Capps is President of Health2 Resources. With more than 20 years of senior-level professional experience, Katherine leads a team that assists clients to identify new customer segments, create effective communication campaigns, strengthen market position and enhance program revenue. She serves on the advisory board for the Institute for Health and Productivity Management, as board member of the Washington Adventist Hospital Foundation and on numerous editorial boards.

Michael J. Thompson, FSA, MAAA is a Principal in the New York office of PricewaterhouseCoopers. With more than 25 years of experience in health care and employee benefits strategy development, design and implementation, Mike consults with major employers and health plans on integrated health, wellness and consumerism, defined contribution retiree health, vendor performance management, human capital effectiveness and health care supply chain management strategies.

During the Webinar, you'll learn:

  • How incentives are used by employers of all sizes;
  • Why it pays to extend programs to spouses and family members, and what incentives work to get them on board;
  • How business leaders are addressing the need for primary care;
  • Where the health risk assessment fits into the health management picture;
  • What employers are doing to measure ROI and total program outcomes, and what you can learn from their experience.

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How Employers Use Incentives to Keep Employees Healthy: Perks, Programs and Peers

Industry insights, the current environment, research findings that outlines how employers offer incentives for primary care, and five detailed case examples illuminate today's use of incentives in real-world terms. Learn what best practices leading-edge health benefits executives--whether working with 200 or 20,000 employees--are implementing. Take away the steps you can implement to actualize the savings and productivity benefits that well-structured programs can bring!

Quote from one survey participant.... "Commitment to communication is critical to acceptance and participation. Financial incentives increase participation, perhaps by two times."