A Hybrid Embedded Case Management Model

When Sentara Medical Group determined its embedded RN care managers spent only 25 percent of their time on care management, it revamped its embedded model, explains Mary M. Morin, RN, NEA-BC, RN-BC, nurse executive with Sentara. In the new hybrid model, RN care managers support two to three practices and also visit high-cost, high-utilization patients at home, in the hospital and virtually.

At first, Sentara management balked at a perceived duplication of service between the RNs and home health nursesóuntil they saw the fruits of these patient encounters. Home visits in particular allow RN care managers to assess the patientís environment and meet the individual on their level, which lifts engagement in self-care, she notes.

Mary Morin will explain the motivation behind Sentaraís hybrid embedded case management model and the modelís impact on its highest risk population during A Hybrid Embedded Case Management Model: Sentara Medical Groupís Approach, a 45-minute program on July 31st.

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A Hybrid Embedded Case Management Model: Sentara Medical Groupís Approach

You will learn:

  • How meeting patients in the community and in the hospital improved Sentara's patient engagement rates;
  • The important role of embedded case managers in care transitions within Sentara;
  • How Sentaraís embedded case managers build long-term relationships with high-risk patients;
  • Why Sentara looks at chronic conditions instead of chronic diseases for impactful results; and
  • The reduction in total cost of care that Sentara achieved with the hybrid embedded case management model it developed.

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