This week's insight...
Dr. Carrie Nelson, MS, FAAFP
Medical Director for Special Projects
with Advocate Physician Partners

August 1, 2012
Vol. I, No. 11

Dr. Carrie Nelson
Dr. Carrie Nelson,
MS, FAAFP, Medical Director for Special
Projects with Advocate Physician Partners (APP)

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Which Physician Incentives Are Used
By Advocate Physician Partners?

"We have about 156 measures that we incent physicians on, and many which relate to diabetes, asthma, heart failure, lengths of stay, etc. We also put incentives in place for decreasing high-cost imaging use and adhering to imaging use guidelines. We put some incentives in place for ED flow and communication with primary care physicians, between specialists and primary care. It’s a whole range; any one specialty has no more than 45 measures — family physicians are the highest, though it does go down from there so they’re not overwhelmed. It's a complex program and the incentives that physicians achieve are meaningful for them, and they get paid out every spring."

Dr. Carrie Nelson presented during Bending the Cost Curve with a Commercial Value-Based Payment Contract: A Case Study from Advocate Physician Partners, a 45-minute webinar on July 18, 2012, during which Dr. Nelson shared the key features of a value-based contract between APP and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL), which has reduced inpatient admissions and ER visits, and has bent the cost curve after its first year.

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