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Laura Linebach
Director of quality improvement at L.A. Care Health Plan

June 27, 2012
Vol. I, No. 7

Laura Linebach
Laura Linebach,
Director of quality improvement at
L.A. Care Health Plan

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"That depends on the population, and our population is shifting. It's mostly pharyngitis and upper respiratory infections (URIs) that we look at; therefore, our materials teach the parents of children with these conditions how to care for the conditions at home or to take them to the PCP or urgent care. As of last year, we have some seniors and people with disabilities joining our managed care plan. These individuals are a bit sicker, so we’re going to possibly start to see some more congestive heart failures, COPDs and cardiac issues. We have already been working on initiatives to get these individuals in to see their PCP.

We also started a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) pilot last year and we’re expanding the pilot this year to help our community clinics achieve NCQA recognition as a PCMH. Much of this was for convenience, too. It’s one-stop shopping at the ER; they can get all their services at one location. A PCMH will hopefully provide a lot of those services that patients are trying to go to the ER for now."

Laura Linebach presented during Reducing Avoidable Medicaid ER Visits With a Community Partnership Approach, a 45-minute webinar, during which she shared the inside details on how L.A. Care Health Plan worked with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to target avoidable ER use and results from the initiative.

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