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Dr. Randall Krakauer
Aetna's Medicare Medical Director

June 6, 2012
Vol. I, No. 4

Dr. Randall Krakauer
Dr. Randall Krakauer,
Medical Director for
Aetna Medicare

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"The key is that the case manager has to be a person who can develop a relationship with the participating physicians and staff. You need to start with a good case manager and then work with this case manager in a situation in which they'll be able to produce a good, mutually supportive key relationship. A case manager has to feel to the medical group like it's their case manager, even if it's your case manager. You have to be able to judge this by looking at the case managers you have, picking the best ones, but choosing ones that you feel are capable of building this type of relationship and want to work in that type of environment."

Dr. Randall Krakauer is a contributor to Case Management Answer Book Vol. II: FAQs on Launching, Supporting and Evaluating Embedded Case Management, a 30-page resource, in which industry thought leaders provide answers to more than 50 questions on the practicalities of embedded case managers, from preparing a practice for the arrival of a case manager to hiring and training guidelines to measuring satisfaction with embedded case management initiatives.

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