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Julie Hobson, RN, BSN,
Manager of Provider Engagement, Performance and Partnership at Highmark Inc.

May 16, 2012
Vol. I, No. 1

How is Performance Data Shared with Physicians
in a Pay for Performance Program?

Julie Hobson
Julie Hobson, RN, BSN,
Manager of Provider
Engagement, Performance
and Partnership
at Highmark Inc.
"Performance information is shared in two ways. Through our Web-based program, we send out reports on a quarterly basis.

However, we do have an entire division within Highmark that works with the providers to review their reports. That is done as frequently as needed with those practices, depending on their scores.

In addition, through the Web-based HIPAA-compliant program, the practices get a patient list that allows them to see those patients that have successfully met the numerator criteria for the measures and those that have not. Based on this data, they can implement processes to close gaps in care."

Julie Hobson presented during Physician Pay-for-Performance: Refining the Bonus Structure To Meet Market Realities, a 45-minute webinar on March 22, 2012, during which she described how Highmark Inc.'s program has evolved to meet today's healthcare market realities.

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