Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
June 22, 2011Vol. I. No. 24

6 Success Factors in
Reducing Readmissions

6 Success Factors in Reducing Readmissions This Week's Challenge: By stratifying patients at high risk for hospitalizations and readmissions into a coordinated, multi-disciplinarian program, Healthcare Partners Medical Group of California has significantly reduced hospital readmissions. We wanted to see their top keys for success in reducing readmissions. Click here to view a printable version of the table.

What We Learned: "One key for successful discharge is that it is physician-driven. Doctors need to understand what the patients want and need, and they have to have responsibility for administration, dollars and the true patient care. Another key is motivating and incentivizing physicians, especially the PCPs, because they work incredibly hard and rarely get the rewards for that. There has to be significant financial rewards for them, as well as other rewards to make their daily work better. A third key is knowing that quality care is cost-effective care. Educating and empowering patients and their families is important to make sure that there is absolute access."

Source: Dr. Stuart Levine, medical director for HealthCare Partners Medical Group of California.

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Excerpted from Guide to Reducing Medicare Readmissions, Vol. II , which examines innovative interventions to reduce preventable admissions, rehospitalizations and ER visits by high-utilizing Medicare beneficiaries. This guide looks at four multidisciplinary collaborative interventions aimed at key factors fueling readmissions in this population — and that support an accountable care vision.

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