Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
Healthcare Performance Benchmarks
April 13, 2011Vol. I. No. 14

5 Challenges of New CMS ACO Rule

5 Challenges of New CMS ACO Rule This Week's Challenge: With CMSí long-awaited proposed rule governing the Medicare Shared Savings (ACO) program now on the table, healthcare organizations will begin to analyze the opportunities that exist with accountable care organizations. We wanted to identify the challenges of the new CMS ACO rule. Click here to view a printable version of the table.

What We Learned:"The whole concept of the ACO is kind of the medical home on steroids — the sharing of clinical information, the access to a broad range of clinical information on a patient so that youíre not duplicating whatís already been done and using the data thatís available to make informed clinical decisions. If thatís not in electronic format, moving paper along with the patient through the system gets us back to where we are now. The cost of managing data manually is going to eat up any potential incentive from shared savings. Not only do I think that the data needs to be collected and stored electronically, but also that disparate systems need to share that data with each other. The hospital needs access to the doctor data. The doctors need access to the hospital data and the lab data. The technology teams need to find a way to make these freestanding systems share information in a relatively seamless fashion."

Source: Greg Mertz, senior project director with the Healthcare Strategy Group.

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Analyzing CMS's Medicare Shared Savings Final Rule: Implementation Advice for ACOs

Table excerpted from upcoming Analyzing CMS's Medicare Shared Savings Final Rule: Implementation Advice for ACOs, a 45-minute webinar on April 21, 2011 during which Mertz will provide a critical analysis of CMS's final rule on Medicare Shared Savings and how it will impact commercial ACOs.

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